Supplying a wide range of organic and conventional products for commercial and residential landscapes in the Mojave Desert

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Ask about our direct shipments of bulk products and wholesale pricing for established customers

New Rose Fertilizer  is Here!

5 pound bag $35.50


Viragrow Compost (166)

Flagship compost from Viragrow

$40.00 per cubic yard

$4.25 per 1.5 cubic foot bag (Soil Pro)

"Organic" Compost

Viragrow's vegan compost. Compost made from plant waste. No animal waste products.

$45.00 per cubic yard

$5.00 per cubic foot bag (call ahead)

Soil Mixes

Garden Soil Mix

Ready-to-Go soil mix for vegetable gardening, fruit tree planting and landscaping.

$40.00 per cubic yard

'Tomato Lady' Soil Mix

Soil mix designed by Las Vegas' Tomato Lady

$62.75 per cubic yard

$4.75 per cubic foot bag (call ahead)

Viragrow's MJ Soil Mix

Specifically formulated for marijuana and hemp growers. But we use it for growing vegetables.

$75.00 per cubic yard

(not pictured)

Rejuvenate Soil Mix

Vegan soil mix

$60.oo per cubic yard

$4.50 per cubic foot bag (call ahead)

Cactus Soil Mix

Specifically designed for growing cacti and other succulents. Formulated with pumice.

$60.00 per cubic yard (order ahead)

Ask about our 'Dave Turner' Cactus Mix

(not pictured)

Organic Mulch

Sequoia Blend Mulch

Fresh from the sawmills of the PNW

$35.oo per cubic yard

Gorilla Hair Mulch

Extremely popular aromatic redwood and cedar mulch

$50.00 per cubic yard

Decorative Bark Mulch

Bark mulch in petite, medium and large sizes

Petite $65.00 per cubic yard

Medium and Large $70.00 per cubic yard

Pathway Wood Chip Mulch

Redwood chips great for walking on

$40.00 per cubic yard

Certified Playground Mulch

Certified for play surfaces

$50.00 per cubic yard

Colorized Woodchip Mulch

Woodchips colorized in red, black, brown, black and gold for color coordinating landscapes.

$40.00 per cubic yard

Brown, red and gold available in bags.

Soil Amendments

Make your own soil or have us mix it for you!

Rock Dust      1 lb, 8 lb and ton   $0.50 to $600.00

Rice Hulls     $50.oo per cubic yard

Pumice      1 cubic foot to 1 cubic yard tote   $6.50 to $140.00

Washed Sand     $28.00 per cubic yard

Canadian Peat Moss     3.5, 110 cubic feet and 245 cubic feet    $7.75 to $512.00

Perlite (Grades 2,3, 4 and 8)     1.5 cubic foot bags to 60 cubic foot totes    $9.55 tp $205.00

Worm Castings     1 to 42 cubic feet   $18.00 to $600.00

We carry a selection of organic and conventional fertilizers, iron chelates, bagged USDA Organic composted chicken manure, bagged steer manure, spray adjuvants, and other horticultural supplies.

Delivery Policy (Minimum 5 cubic yards)

Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson (north of Lake Mead) and Summerlin  $65.00

Henderson south of Lake Mead, Anthem, Southern Highlands, Mountains Edge, and Rhodes Ranch  $75.00

Other arrangements please call